The Natural Daughter of Joaquín Torres García 2000-2010, was a platform for performative and editorial action that the artist carried out in various institutional and alternative fields of national and international art. These actions were linked to the forms of artistic legitimation in different ways such as, the legacy, the legitimation, the market and the influences on the art world in general. The artist conceives that Joaquín Torres García is her ideological and political father in art and takes his theory to generate a new narrative through dialogue with art agents. Thus, she generates interviews and uses press to promote dialogues that confront the outdated rules of art in her country. She makes a strong criticism of the patriarchal heteronormative and performatively bursts into different spaces. During that decade, she acceded to participate with 18 editions of the newspaper of the Natural Daughter of JTG at the biennials of Havana, MERCOSUR, held conferences in AICA, Paris and São Paulo, received the Grant from the Cisneros Fountanal Foundation, to perform her performance at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and among other actions publishes research on the layout and production of the field of art in her country.