Technologies of lust

Technologies of lust, is based on the emblematic painting by Juan Manuel Blanes: Demon, world and flesh. In this work the painter recreates a scene in which the exposed body and the face veiled by the portrayed model’s arm, seems to lie between different objects belonging to the world of power and lust. The woman is never portrayed in situations where her power and intelligence are represented but is interpreted as an object of pleasure or as a figure according to good customs. The artist designs a new montage based on this painting, which she calls Technologies of Lust, and there she puts together a device around her own world that evokes the power of access to knowledge and the power that this grants to humanity.





Jacqueline Lacasa


Estudio sobre la obra: "Demonio, mundo y carne" del pintor Juan Manuel Blanes. Instalación/set/performance/fotografía


110x90 cm