Atacama 1670

“Of how souls travel to the stars”

I went to the desert to say goodbye to a loved soul and found a cartography that showed me the depth of ancestral knowledge and the curvature of space-time. When the infinite arrives and is placed in front of you, you have to look for allies, gestures, some territory that protects the vital impulse to know; there the old pianola score was crossed over and over again by embroidery threads, to remember the sections of the travel. In the same way, the body collected key knowledge, in one of the most important astronomical laboratories in the world, ALMA. For these reasons, ATACMA 1670 is a platform that has been carried out since 2015, its structure is based on interdisciplinary work in the Atacama Desert, a first phase occurred with the Collective Se Vende from Antofagasta, with whom they made reconnaissance trips and through SACO 7 they worked in Residence with the University of Chile in the RP Gustavo Lepeige Archaeological Museum. A total of five trips were made, the last one consisted of doing an action in the CAXA Lagoons, or Magical Lagoons of San Pedro de Atacama, invited by the La Tintorera Artistic Residence.